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15 Meaningful Gifts to Bid Farewell to Moving Neighbors

Finding the perfect gift for neighbors who are moving away can be a challenge. You want to show your appreciation for their friendship and send them off with something meaningful, but you also don’t want to go overboard or choose something they won’t be able to take with them.

In this article, we will provide you with tips for buying gifts for neighbors who are moving away, as well as offer some specific gift ideas to inspire you. Tips for buying gifts for neighbors who are moving away:


Personalizing the gift within limits: One way to make a gift special is by personalizing it to your neighbors’ tastes and interests. However, it’s important to keep in mind that they may not have enough space to take large or bulky items with them.

Opt for personalized gifts that are small and portable, such as customized keychains, engraved jewelry, or personalized photo frames. 2.

Avoiding flowers and plants: While flowers and plants can be a common gift for various occasions, they may not be the best choice for neighbors who are moving away. Moving plants requires extra care and attention, and they may not survive the journey.

Instead, consider giving them a potted herb or a small indoor plant that requires minimal maintenance. 3.

Keeping the price reasonable: It’s important to strike a balance between the thoughtfulness of the gift and the price you pay for it. You don’t need to break the bank to buy a meaningful gift for your neighbors.

Look for reasonably priced items that still hold sentimental value, such as a customized photo album or a heartfelt handwritten letter. 15 going away gift ideas for neighbors:


Home improvement store gift card: Moving often involves making repairs or renovations in a new place. A gift card to a home improvement store can be practical and helpful for your neighbors as they settle into their new home.

2. Local delicacy: Treat your neighbors to a taste of their old neighborhood by giving them a local delicacy that they may not have the opportunity to enjoy in their new location.

Consider a bottle of local wine, a box of gourmet chocolates, or freshly baked goods from a nearby bakery. 3.

Meal delivery box: Moving can be exhausting, and the last thing your neighbors may want to think about is cooking a meal. A meal delivery box can provide them with ready-to-cook ingredients and recipes, making dinnertime hassle-free, healthy, and delicious.

4. Starter seeds: If your neighbors have a green thumb or have expressed an interest in gardening, consider gifting them with starter seeds for their new garden.

It’s a thoughtful and practical gift that allows them to start fresh in their new space. 5.

A gift that gives back: Consider making a donation to a charity or cause that is meaningful to your neighbors. This not only shows your support for their interests but also contributes to a cause that holds importance to them.

6. Spa day in a box: Moving can be stressful, so why not help your neighbors relax and unwind with a spa day in a box?

Fill a box with bath bombs, scented candles, a soft bathrobe, and luxurious bath products to provide them with a much-needed escape from the chaos of moving. 7.

Mini Bluetooth speaker: Help your neighbors set the mood in their new home with a mini Bluetooth speaker. They can use it to play their favorite music while unpacking or to create a cozy atmosphere in their new space.

8. Sage cleansing kit: Moving to a new home often signifies a fresh start.

A sage cleansing kit allows your neighbors to cleanse their new space, bringing in positive vibes and a sense of spirituality. 9.

Homesick scented candle: If your neighbors are moving to a different city or state, consider gifting them a Homesick scented candle. These candles are designed to evoke the distinct scent of various places, allowing your neighbors to have a piece of their home with them wherever they go.

10. A cheeky mug: Inject some humor into your neighbors’ morning routine with a cheeky mug.

Choose a design or quote that will make them smile and remind them of their time in the neighborhood. 11.

A gift for their pet: Moving can be especially stressful for pets. Show your consideration for their furry friend by gifting them a toy, a cozy pet bed, or a gift certificate to a local pet store.

12. Custom house dcor: Help your neighbors make their new house feel like a home by gifting them custom house dcor.

Consider personalized wall art, custom-made throw pillows, or a unique piece of artwork that reflects their style and personality. 13.

Cozy throw blanket: Moving to a new place can sometimes feel cold and unfamiliar. Give your neighbors the gift of warmth and comfort with a cozy throw blanket that they can snuggle up with in their new home.

14. Custom map cutting board: If your neighbors have a strong connection to their current city or state, consider gifting them a custom map cutting board.

It’s a unique and practical gift that allows them to display their local pride while preparing meals. 15.

Packing supplies: Moving requires a lot of packing, and having the right supplies can make the process much easier. Consider gifting your neighbors with a moving toolkit that includes essentials like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers.

In conclusion, buying gifts for neighbors who are moving away requires thoughtfulness and consideration. Personalizing the gift within limits, avoiding flowers and plants, and keeping the price reasonable are important factors to keep in mind.

Whether you choose to give a home improvement store gift card, a local delicacy, or a custom map cutting board, the most important thing is to show your neighbors that you appreciate their friendship and wish them all the best in their new adventure.

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