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Affordable Alternatives: Design Your Dream Space with Online Interior Design Services

Designing the perfect interior for your home can be an overwhelming and costly task. Hiring an in-person interior designer might not fit everyone’s budget, but the good news is that there are now affordable alternatives available in the form of online interior design services.

These virtual design services provide a convenient and cost-effective way for homeowners and renters to get their dream space without breaking the bank. Affordable alternatives to in-person interior designers:


Virtual Design Service: A virtual design service, also known as e-design, is an online platform that connects homeowners with professional interior designers. This service allows users to work with a designer remotely, eliminating the need for in-person meetings and reducing costs significantly.

2. Budget-Friendly Online Interior Design Services: There are several popular online home decorating services that offer affordable design packages.

These services often provide access to professional interior designers at a fraction of the cost of traditional design services. Benefits and accessibility of online home decorating services:


Design Industry: Online home decorating services have revolutionized the design industry by making it more accessible to a wider audience. Previously, hiring an interior designer was seen as a luxury reserved for the wealthy.

Now, anyone can have access to a designer’s touch without breaking the bank. 2.

Designer’s Touch: Online interior design services provide homeowners and renters with the opportunity to bring in a professional’s expertise and creativity into their spaces. These services offer a range of design solutions tailored to individual budgets and preferences.

3. Popular Online Home Decorating Services: Some of the popular online home decorating services include Decorilla, Havenly, and Modsy.

These platforms offer a variety of design packages that cater to different needs and budgets. With a few clicks, users can upload photos of their space and provide details about their design preferences.

Decorilla – Overview of Decorilla’s e-design service:

Decorilla is a leading online interior design service that utilizes advanced e-design technology to provide customers with an exceptional design experience. Their goal is to make the design process simple, affordable, and enjoyable.

The Decorilla interior design process begins with a comprehensive design questionnaire. Users are asked to share their design style, project objectives, and budget.

This information helps the designers understand the client’s needs and preferences. Once the questionnaire is completed, users can upload photos of their space.

These photos give the designers a better understanding of the existing layout and architecture. Clients can also share any inspiration images they may have to guide the designer’s vision.

Process and pricing of Decorilla’s design packages:

1. Multiple Concept Previews: After reviewing the client’s questionnaire and photos, the designer creates multiple concept previews for the space.

These concept previews include mood boards, color schemes, furniture options, and layout suggestions. Clients can provide feedback and collaborate with the designer to refine the design.

2. Design Proposals: Once the concept preview is finalized, the designer creates a design proposal.

The proposal includes a detailed itemized list of recommended furniture, decor, and accessories. Clients can easily purchase these items through Decorilla’s curated online shopping experience.

3. In-Home Design Assistance: For clients who desire additional support, Decorilla also offers in-home design assistance.

This service involves a designer visiting the client’s home to provide on-site recommendations and oversee the implementation of the design. 4.

Bronze Package: The Bronze package is the most basic offering from Decorilla. It includes one initial concept preview, one revision round, product suggestions, and a final design proposal.

5. Silver Package: The Silver package builds upon the Bronze package by providing two concept previews, two revision rounds, a customized floor plan, and a final design proposal.

6. Gold Package: The Gold package is the most comprehensive offering and is suitable for larger projects.

It includes three concept previews, three revision rounds, a customized floor plan, a virtual 3D room model, and a final design proposal. 7.

Custom Design Package: Aside from the pre-packaged options, Decorilla also offers a custom design package that can be tailored to specific project requirements and budgets. This option allows clients to have greater flexibility and involvement in the design process.

In conclusion, online interior design services provide an affordable alternative to in-person interior designers, making the design industry more accessible to all. Decorilla, in particular, offers a seamless and enjoyable e-design experience through their advanced technology and design packages.

From concept previews to design proposals, Decorilla helps homeowners and renters create their dream spaces within their budget. So why wait?

Bring your home to life with the help of Decorilla’s online interior design services.

3) Decorist – A Budget-Friendly Online Interior Design Service

When it comes to budget-friendly online interior design services, Decorist is another popular option that provides cost-effective and professional design solutions. Decorist connects users with like-minded designers who understand their vision and budgetary constraints to create a space that reflects their personal style.

Description of Decorist:

Decorist offers an online interior design service that allows homeowners and renters to transform their spaces without splurging on traditional in-person designers. With Decorist, users can access a network of talented designers who specialize in various design styles, ensuring a perfect match for every project.

Process and Pricing of Decorist’s Design Packages:

1. Room Design Package: Decorist’s Room Design package is the most basic offering, perfect for small-scale projects or specific rooms.

The process starts with users providing project details, such as room measurements, budget, and design inspiration. Based on this information, a professional designer is assigned to the project.

2. Initial Design Concepts: Once the designer is assigned, they create initial design concepts for the room.

These concepts include elements such as furniture, decor, color schemes, and layout suggestions. The designer and client collaborate to refine the design and make any necessary revisions.

3. Complete Room Design: After finalizing the design concept, the designer creates a complete room design for the client.

This design includes a detailed floor plan, set-up instructions, and a comprehensive shopping list. With these resources, clients can easily implement the design themselves at their own pace.

4. Custom Floor Plan: In addition to the complete room design, Decorist provides clients with a custom floor plan.

This floor plan allows users to visualize the layout and placement of furniture and other items within the space. 5.

Set-Up Instructions: Decorist ensures that the design is easily implemented by providing clear set-up instructions. These instructions guide clients through the process of arranging furniture, hanging artwork, and styling the room to achieve the desired look.

6. Shopping List: To make the shopping process effortless, Decorist includes a curated shopping list with all the recommended items for the room design.

Clients can conveniently purchase these items through Decorist’s online marketplace, which offers a wide range of furniture and decor options. 7.

Classic Room Design: Decorist offers a Classic Room Design package that includes all the features mentioned above. This comprehensive package is suitable for those looking for a complete transformation of their space and a hassle-free design experience.

8. Elite Room Design: For more personalized attention, Decorist offers an Elite Room Design package.

This package includes additional design time with the selected designer, ensuring a more intricate and custom design. 9.

Celebrity Room Design: Decorist also offers the Celebrity Room Design package for clients who desire a truly luxurious and customized experience. This package includes exclusive access to high-end designer furniture and unprecedented attention from the design team.

4) Havenly – A Popular and Budget-Friendly E-Design Service

Havenly is a popular online interior design service that has gained recognition for its affordability and user-friendly platform. Catering to various design needs and budgets, Havenly makes interior design both accessible and easy, allowing homeowners and renters to create a space they love.

Overview of Havenly:

Havenly offers a seamless and affordable e-design service for clients seeking professional assistance in transforming their homes. The platform connects users with talented designers who understand their unique taste and work closely with them to bring their vision to life.

Process and Pricing of Havenly’s Design Packages:

1. Choice of Designer: Havenly boasts a curated network of designers with diverse styles, ensuring that clients can choose a designer that aligns with their personal preferences.

This personal connection with the designer fosters a collaborative and tailored design experience. 2.

Style Quiz: The design process begins with a style quiz, where users can indicate their design preferences and provide information about their project. This quiz helps designers get an understanding of the client’s taste, allowing them to create a customized design plan.

3. Design Needs: After completing the style quiz, clients can specify their exact design needs.

Whether it’s a total room makeover or simply adding a few finishing touches, Havenly offers packages to cater to every requirement. 4.

First Round of Inspo: Based on the style quiz and design needs, the designer creates an initial round of inspiration. This includes design concepts, mood boards, and product suggestions that reflect the client’s desired aesthetic.

5. Final Design: The design process progresses with the collaboration between the client and the designer.

By providing feedback and preferences, clients can help refine the design until it perfectly suits their taste. The final design includes a complete visual representation of the room, showcasing the layout, furniture placement, and decor choices.

6. Curated Products: Havenly simplifies the shopping process by providing clients with a curated selection of products that match their design.

With just a few clicks, clients can conveniently purchase these items directly from the Havenly platform, saving time and ensuring a cohesive look. 7.

Mini Design: Havenly offers a Mini Design package, ideal for clients looking for guidance and inspiration for a small-scale project or individual design dilemma. This package includes the first round of inspiration and a final design, empowering clients to implement the design in their own time.

8. Full Design: The Full Design package is designed for larger-scale projects and complete room makeovers.

It includes the initial round of inspiration, multiple design concepts, and a final design. This comprehensive package is suitable for clients seeking a thorough transformation.

In conclusion, online interior design services such as Decorist and Havenly offer a budget-friendly and accessible alternative to traditional in-person designers. With their user-friendly platforms, personalized design approach, and variety of design packages, homeowners and renters can now easily and affordably create their dream spaces with professional guidance.

Whether it’s Decorist’s e-design service or Havenly’s intuitive platform, these services prove that quality interior design can be achieved within any budget.

5) Modsy – A One-Stop Digital Catalogue with 3D Technology

Modsy is an innovative online interior design service that stands out for its “one stop digital catalogue” approach, utilizing advanced 3D technology to help users visualize new furniture in their spaces. With Modsy, homeowners and renters can easily transform their rooms without the hassle of traditional furniture shopping and guesswork.

Description of Modsy:

Modsy offers a unique and convenient way for users to design and decorate their homes through its digital catalogue and powerful 3D technology. Instead of relying solely on imagination or static mood boards, Modsy takes design visualization to the next level by providing interactive and lifelike 3D room renderings.

Process and Pricing of Modsy’s Design Packages:

1. Modsy iOS App: Modsy offers a user-friendly app for iOS devices, allowing users to easily create and visualize their dream rooms.

With this app, homeowners can seamlessly access Modsy’s design services from the comfort of their smartphones or tablets. 2.

Personalized Style Quiz: The design process begins with a personalized style quiz. This quiz helps Modsy understand the user’s aesthetic preferences, lifestyle, and design goals.

By considering these factors, Modsy can curate recommendations and create a tailor-made design experience. 3.

Interactive 3D Version: Using Modsy’s advanced 3D technology, designers create an interactive 3D version of the user’s room. This allows clients to virtually walk through their space, viewing furniture from various angles and experimenting with different layouts before making any purchases.

4. Design Refreshes: Modsy recognizes that design tastes may evolve over time.

With their design refresh feature, users can request updates to their existing Modsy designs, ensuring that their spaces remain up-to-date and aligned with their changing preferences. 5.

Premium Package: Modsy offers a Premium package that includes the full range of design services. This package includes multiple revisions of the 3D design, personalized style recommendations, and access to Modsy’s team of expert designers for ongoing support and advice.

6. Luxe Package: For clients seeking a more elevated and comprehensive experience, Modsy offers a Luxe package.

This package includes all the features of the Premium package, plus access to Modsy’s higher-end furniture options and exclusive discounts on luxury brands. Modsy’s one-stop digital catalogue approach revolutionizes the way users shop for furniture and decor.

Instead of spending countless hours browsing different websites or wandering through stores, Modsy provides a streamlined solution by curating a vast selection of furniture and decor options in one place. The digital catalogue offers a diverse range of styles, from traditional to modern, allowing users to browse and select items that best fit their design preferences.

This comprehensive selection ensures that users can find the perfect pieces to complete their desired look and feel. Modsy’s 3D technology is a game-changer in the interior design industry, giving users the ability to truly visualize their new furniture in their actual space.

By rendering 3D models of furniture, users can see how different pieces will look and fit, eliminating any doubts or uncertainties. This technology provides a level of confidence and accuracy that traditional mood boards or flat images cannot replicate.

In terms of pricing, Modsy offers different tiers to accommodate the varying needs and budgets of their users. The Premium package provides comprehensive design services, including multiple revisions and ongoing support, making it ideal for those seeking a highly personalized and hands-on experience.

For clients looking for a more luxury-oriented experience, the Luxe package elevates the design process by offering access to higher-end furniture options and exclusive discounts. This package caters to individuals who want to create a sophisticated and upscale living environment with the help of Modsy’s curated selection.

In conclusion, Modsy’s one-stop digital catalogue and advanced 3D technology provide a unique and convenient way for homeowners and renters to design and decorate their spaces. With their interactive 3D room renderings, personalized style recommendations, and curated furniture selection, Modsy takes the guesswork out of interior design and makes the process enjoyable and hassle-free.

Whether it’s the Premium package or the Luxe package, Modsy caters to a wide range of budgets and design preferences, making it accessible to all who seek professional and innovative design assistance.

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