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Furnish Your Home with Style and Savings: Your Comprehensive Guide to Finding Used Furniture Online and in Stores

Where to Find Used Furniture Online: A Comprehensive GuideAre you looking to furnish your home with unique and affordable pieces? Buying used furniture online can be a fantastic option.

It not only allows you to find one-of-a-kind items but also helps you save money. In this guide, we will explore the top websites where you can find used furniture, ranging from curated platforms like

Chairish and

1stdibs to popular marketplaces such as

Craigslist and


Whether youre searching for a vintage chair or a sleek modern couch, this article will provide you with all the information you need to start your hunt.


When it comes to finding high-quality used furniture,

Chairish is often the first name that comes to mind. This curated online marketplace offers a wide range of unique pieces, from mid-century modern dressers to antique dining sets.

With the ability to search by style, location, and price range,

Chairish makes it easy to find the perfect piece for your home. Plus, their detailed descriptions and photographs ensure that you know exactly what youre getting before making a purchase.


Looking for a platform that focuses on local sellers?

Trove might be the answer.

This community-powered marketplace connects buyers and sellers within the same city, making it convenient to arrange pickup or delivery. With

Trove, you can find great deals on furniture, as sellers often list items at lower prices than on other platforms.

Whether youre searching for a vintage coffee table or a trendy accent chair,

Trove is sure to have something to suit your style.


If you have a taste for luxury,

1stdibs is the place for you. This online marketplace specializes in high-end furniture, offering a curated selection of pieces from top dealers around the world.

From designer sofas to rare antiques,

1stdibs showcases items that are both beautiful and timeless. While the prices may be higher than on other platforms, the quality and exclusivity of the pieces make it worth it for those seeking a truly special addition to their home.

Sothebys Home

For those who appreciate the prestige of buying from a well-known auction house,

Sothebys Home is the perfect destination. This online marketplace offers a curated selection of furniture and home decor from some of the most trusted names in the industry.

With detailed product listings and the ability to submit offers,

Sothebys Home provides a seamless buying experience. Whether youre in the market for a classic antique or a contemporary masterpiece, this platform has something to offer.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

If youre a fan of the popular design blog Apartment Therapy, youll love their marketplace,

Apartment Therapy Bazaar. This platform connects buyers and sellers, offering a wide array of used furniture and home decor items.

With a focus on sustainable living and unique finds,

Apartment Therapy Bazaar is the perfect place to discover affordable treasures that will add character to your space. Whether youre looking for a vintage rug or a retro dining set, this marketplace is a must-visit for design enthusiasts.


One of the oldest and most popular online marketplaces,

Craigslist is a go-to destination for finding used furniture in your local area. The website allows you to search by location, making it easy to find items near you.

While the platforms interface may not be as sleek as other options,

Craigslist offers a wide selection of furniture at varying price points. Whether youre on a tight budget or looking for a specific piece,

Craigslist is worth exploring.

Facebook Marketplace

With its massive user base and convenient integration with the social media platform,

Facebook Marketplace has become a popular place to buy and sell used furniture. The platform allows you to search by location, see mutual connections with sellers, and even negotiate prices via messenger.

Whether youre looking for a second-hand couch or a vintage dresser,

Facebook Marketplace offers a diverse range of furniture options.


Letgo is another platform that has gained popularity in recent years. With its user-friendly interface and extensive filter options,

Letgo makes it easy to find exactly what youre looking for.

The app allows you to search by category, location, and price, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. From modern bedroom sets to antique armoires,

Letgo offers a wide range of used furniture options for buyers on a budget.


OfferUp is a mobile marketplace that enables users to buy and sell a variety of items, including used furniture. The platforms intuitive interface and built-in communication tools make it easy to connect with sellers and negotiate prices.

Whether youre upgrading your home office or searching for a statement piece for your living room,

OfferUp provides a vast selection of gently used furniture.


When it comes to online marketplaces,

eBay has been a household name for years. While it is known for its wide range of products,

eBay is also an excellent place to find used furniture.

With its bidding system and vast selection, you can often find unique pieces at great prices. From vintage sofas to contemporary dining sets,

eBay offers something for everyone’s taste and budget.



Etsy is primarily associated with handmade and vintage items, it has also become a popular platform for buying used furniture. The website allows sellers to list unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, making it a treasure trove for those seeking something unique.

If youre looking for a custom-made desk or a refurbished dresser,

Etsy is the perfect place to find it.


If youre based in a major city like New York or Washington, D.C.,

AptDeco is a platform worth checking out. This online marketplace focuses on selling high-quality used furniture from trusted sellers in these urban areas.


AptDecos in-house delivery service and professional inspections, you can rest assured that youre getting top-notch furniture delivered right to your doorstep. From cozy couches to stylish bedroom sets,

AptDeco offers a curated selection of pieces for city dwellers.

In conclusion, finding used furniture online has never been easier. Whether youre searching for a specific brand or on the lookout for unique and affordable pieces, there are plenty of platforms to suit your needs.

From curated marketplaces like

Chairish and

1stdibs to popular online platforms like

Craigslist and

eBay, the options are limitless. So, start your online shopping adventure today and discover the perfect used furniture to transform your home.

Where to Find Used Furniture in StoresWhile online platforms offer a convenient and extensive selection of used furniture, some people still prefer the experience of browsing in physical stores. In this guide, we will explore different places where you can find used furniture in brick-and-mortar locations.

Whether you enjoy the thrill of discovering hidden gems in consignment shops or supporting charitable organizations that sell donated furniture, this article will provide you with insights and tips on where to find the best used furniture in stores.

Local Furniture Consignment Shops

Furniture consignment shops are a treasure trove for those looking for unique pieces and vintage finds. These stores typically work by accepting furniture from individuals who no longer need or want their items but are still in good condition.

The consignment shop then acts as a middleman, displaying and selling these pieces on their floor. When the furniture sells, the shop and the consignor split the proceeds.

One of the benefits of shopping at furniture consignment shops is the curated selection of items. Shop owners carefully choose items to ensure they are in good condition and meet their standards.

Additionally, consignment shops often have a wide range of furniture styles, from traditional to modern, allowing you to find pieces that match your taste and design preferences. To find local furniture consignment shops in your area, try searching online directories or using location-based apps.

It’s also worth visiting your local chamber of commerce or asking friends and family for recommendations. These shops are often tucked away in smaller towns or neighborhoods, so keep an eye out for hidden gems!

Habitat for Humanity ReStores

If you’re looking to support a charitable cause while shopping for used furniture,

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are a fantastic option. These non-profit home improvement stores resell new and gently used furniture, appliances, building materials, and more.

The proceeds from ReStores help fund Habitat for Humanity projects, which provide affordable housing for those in need. One of the advantages of shopping at ReStores is the wide range of furniture you can find.

From sofas and dining sets to bedroom furniture and home decor, these stores carry a diverse selection of donated items. Not only can you furnish your home on a budget, but you can also feel good knowing that your purchases are making a positive impact.

To find a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area, visit their website and use the store locator tool. ReStores are typically located in or near larger cities, and each one may have a different selection of furniture, so it might be worth checking out multiple locations.


Goodwill is a well-known charitable organization that operates thrift stores across the United States and many other countries. In addition to clothing and household items,

Goodwill stores often carry used furniture at affordable prices.

The inventory at

Goodwill can vary greatly, so it’s worth visiting regularly to see what new items have arrived. One of the benefits of shopping at

Goodwill is the opportunity for great deals.

You can often find furniture pieces at a fraction of their original cost, allowing you to furnish your home without breaking the bank.

Goodwill also regularly rotates their inventory, so there’s always something new to discover.

To find a

Goodwill store near you, visit their website and use their store locator tool.

Goodwill stores are typically found in shopping centers or stand-alone locations and can be found in both urban and rural areas.

Keep in mind that because

Goodwill relies on donations, the availability and selection of furniture may vary from store to store.

Reputable and Reliable Movers

Moving heavy furniture can be a daunting task, especially when you have large or delicate items that require extra care. Hiring reputable and reliable movers can take the stress out of moving and ensure that your furniture arrives safely at your new location.

When searching for movers, it’s essential to do your research. Look for companies with positive reviews, reasonable prices, and proper licensing and insurance.

Reading customer testimonials can give you valuable insights into the quality of service provided by different moving companies. Obtaining multiple quotes from different movers will also help you compare prices and services.

Make sure the quotes include all relevant details, such as the size of the moving crew, any additional fees, and insurance coverage. Remember, cheaper is not always better.

Opting for the lowest-priced option may compromise the quality and reliability of the moving service.

Labor Alternatives to Hiring a Full-Service Moving Company

If hiring a full-service moving company is not within your budget, there are alternatives that can still make moving heavy furniture more manageable. One option is to hire labor-only movers.

These movers specialize in providing the physical labor needed for moving, such as loading and unloading furniture and boxes. They don’t typically provide transportation services but can be a cost-effective solution if you have access to a rental truck or other means of transportation.

Another alternative is to gather a group of friends or family members to help with the move. This DIY approach can save money, but it’s crucial to plan and coordinate in advance.

Make sure everyone is aware of the timeline, knows how to handle furniture safely, and has the necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble items if needed. When moving heavy furniture without professional help, it’s essential to prioritize safety.

Proper lifting techniques, such as bending at the knees and using legs instead of the back, can help prevent injuries. Furniture sliders, straps, and dollies can also be useful tools to make the process easier and minimize the risk of damage to your furniture or injury to yourself.

In conclusion, finding used furniture in stores offers a unique and hands-on shopping experience. Whether you prefer the curated collections of furniture consignment shops, the charitable mission of

Habitat for Humanity ReStores, or the affordability of

Goodwill, there are plenty of options to explore.

When it comes to moving heavy furniture, hiring reputable movers or considering labor alternatives can make the process smoother and less stressful. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well equipped to find quality used furniture in stores and successfully navigate the challenges of moving heavy items.

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